September 13, 2011

Two more Geckos!

We just recieved two more geckos today! There is now a male tangerine leopard gecko and our first FEMALE leopard gecko to our list of residence! Say hello to our new little pals!

Hurbert the Red Earred Slider!

We just got in another addition: Hurbert the Red Earred Slider! He's our biggest RES yet! He's nervous about his new move and new faces he's seeing, but he is slowly adjusting to his temporary home here at our facilities!

September 11, 2011

Two Leopard Collared Geckos!

We received two baby leopard collared geckos the other day from a fellow that could now longer afford the upkeep and the proper equipment for these little cuties. They've both been adopted and are enjoying their new homes with their new owners!

A Rescue From the Local Lowe's Here in Richmond.

We just rescued a native corn snake that was found in the corigated piping in the plumbing department at the local Lowe's. She's a little hatchling that looks to be no older than a couple months old. We gave her a meal Friday, a small little pinkie. We are hoping to relocate her and get her back to her natural environment before the weather gets cold. Until then, however, she is enjoying our facilities!

Donation from the Popiwczaks of Berea, KY!

We want to thank the Popiwczaks from Richmond, KY for such a generous donation! It's going to help so many of our different reptiles and give someone a new home!

September 5, 2011

Female Ball Pythons and Green Anole

We just recieved two female ball pythons, one of them is about 3 years old and the other is about six months old. Along with the pythons, we also recieved our first anole. All were given to us by the same owner who was moving and was worried he would not be able to properly feed all of them after paying for the deposit on his new apartment. We are here to help everyone, no matter what situation! We were so happy to have the chance to have such wonderful ladies and an anole!
We have already found a home for the older ball python! We knew of someone who had reciently lost their senior ball python due to impaction. He now believes in love at first sight after meeting the lovely lady who is now named Rosey.

August 28, 2011

Sarah from Somerset!

We wanted to give a special thanks to Sarah who has donated many supplies! She once owned a pet store in Somerset, but they unfortanately had to close. She has given us the remainder of their reptile supplies they had, and it has helped us so much! The items pictured are just part, the other part of her donation is already in use!

August 25, 2011

Chocolate California King Snake

We now have a beautiful little California King, who, instead of having black bands she has chocolate colored bands. She is a very curious little snake who likes to travel up the sleeve of your shirt when you handle her.

Leo the Leopard Gecko

We have recieved are first Gecko! Leo's previous own had him in a tank with another male. Leo, being the small male was getting attacked by the larger gecko. The owner had tried taking it back to the pet store, but they refused to take him back due to their return policy. We were more than happy to help out! Leo is slowly learning to be handled and is loving it!

Two Blood Red Corn Snakes

We recieved two blood red corn snakes that had been bought as a pair and could no longer be taken care of. They are a little over a year old and are so friendly!

August 19, 2011

Our New Beardie!

We recieved our first bearded dragon today. She happens to be a different kind of bearded dragon called a leather back because of her unique pattern. Being that she is a female, she doesn't have spines on her back. The previous owner was no longer able to afford the food and upkeep of this little cutie! She loves being out of her enclosure. We had her out on a couch in our facilities and she absolutely loved laying on the back of it! She also enjoys riding on your belly and enjoying a higher view of the room.

Another Red Tail

We have two columbian red tails now. We recieved this one from a family who was about to have a baby. The wife was very uncomfortable about having such a large snake in a house with their new addition. She loves being handled and loves to eat! We are still working a name for her.

The biggest addition yet!

Meet Bazal, a burmese we just rescued! The previous owner was given it from a pet store who was going to euthanize him because of the scar on his back, but after 5 years of keeping Bazal, the owner could no longer afford to feed him. The scar that almost cost Bazal his life was from the pet store. They had a high watt heat lamp on him for so long and so close that it ended up burning his back. Talk about timing, though, as soon as we had gotten Basal, we found someone that was wanting to take Basal and give him a new loving home!

Albino Tangerine Honduran Milk Snake

We were given a honduran milksnake from a owner whose collection had gotten too large for her to handle. Unlike most milksnakes this one is albino with an orange tint, called Albino Tangerine. We've given her the name Chiquita. She loves to be handled but she sure is a fast mover, handled or not.

Anerythristic Hog Island

We recieved a call from a mother who was desperate to get rid of her daughter's snake she left when she moved out. The mother had tried selling it, but she was unable to find anyone to come get it. We've named this beautiful Hog Island Oreo because of her unique speckling and coloration. Oreo is very timid when being held so we've been handling her daily to get her used to people. She is eating like a champ and is slowly getting used to being held.